Friday, January 27, 2012

Part 1 (week 1)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

As stated on the "about me" section, I'm currently a second sem of the 3rd year student of Bachelor Engineering Technology in Medical Electronics in University Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute. this time where I, and the rest of my clique are known as the final year student. In order to complete my study according to the credit hour allocated in the study planner, I will have to take the most important module of all. The module is called Final Year Project Semester 1 or FYP1 in short form. This module is a mandatory to all degree students.

During the last semester break, I have done several research on the mass media regarding what is the best project to be use as my final year projects. Alhamdulilah, after several weeks of painstakingly research, I had shortlisted some interesting title that I find suitable and related to what I had learnt for the past 3 years.

During the first final year project briefing on 17 january 2012, we were being briefed by FYP coordinator about the methods and the flow of FYP 1 for this semester and the FYP 2 on the next semester. The main agenda during the final year project briefing are about to how to kickstart the final year project, the dateline of the tiltle to be submit and advisor selection, how to registered on RPS website. Below contains step by step on how the RPS registration process:

1st step:

2nd step:
insert your id number at username column and last 4 digit IC's number for the password.
if your data have been registered, your name will be appeared at green column on the right side.

the homepage of RPS after signing in.