Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Semester Break part II

On the 2nd week stayed at my uncle house, I started set up the hardware. For this time, I learned how to build the hardware and make it run manually. I was half completed the framework of my projects. At this time my projects just can run left, right, front and back. The ultrasonic sensor I can't order it yet cause of out of stock. Encik Azmi ( told that maybe on the next week he would restock the sensor. I had waiting for the new registration. So after new registration I can meet my supervisor to discuss more and start the next stage which is build the program, test and complete my projects.

Semester Break

Its semester break now. Semester break starts on 17th may 2012 untill 27th july 2012. On the 1st week,  I went to the Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang as a Secretariat for "Program Bersama Alumni Foundation UniKL FIST batch 9 2012/2013" under Center of Foundation UniKL that held 4 days 3 nights.

After 3 weeks of rest, I had decided to go to my uncle house for starts my learning session with my uncle. For your information my uncle who is lecturer electronics at KKTM Ledang. I had stayed at his house for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks I had learned the basic to build the hardware and test the hardware. This learning session, gave me a lot of information and gave me understanding how to do my project. Its easier to me to understand how the circuit run, how to connect the circuit and the sensor together when I need to do my project with my supervisor later on.

On the 1st week stayed, I starts with buy the hardware components:

learned the specification of arduino mobile platform:

New Updates..!

Its been a while I did not update my FYP blog. sorry for the late. I had been busy with my FYP 1 presentation, assignments on clinical mini projects and get focus to my final examination. Alhamdulilah I had go through all the presentation, mini projects and final examination well. the result for my FYP 1 was good. Syukur, thanks to Madam Sabrina, Sir Syazwan and Madam Hajar. For my project progress I will update in new entry.